What we do?

Our intention is to develop a tool which would help customers make shopping decisions. We all like bargains - don't we - so why not benefit from them much more often?

Nowadays there is no shortage of really good offers, yet it may not be that easy to find good prices of products that we are currently looking for and that we actually need.

This is exactly while PriceWatch has been created. Each user selects products which interest them and waits for the most favourable price to purchase.

Who we are?

We are a small, close-knit team working in unison for many years. We have build a lot of projects together, of which some involved facing profound challenges. Fortunately, challenges is what we like.

The first draft of PriceWatch came to life just for fun, that is during our in-company Hackathon. Yes, that's right - creating apps of all kinds is also a great pleasure for us.

With time it has turned out that our project is doing pretty well, and so we've decided to develop it further, until now... and there is still much ahead of us :)